How To Join GTD

If you have a child around the 10-14 year old range and they would like to try running as a sport, contact one of our coaches to try out our club for 2 weeks at no charge or obligation.  Contact information may be found on the Contact Us page.

GTD breaks the year up into three seasons:
* Road Racing
* Track
* Cross Country
See our Home page for more information on the start/end of each individual season.

And you have the option of joining GTD for individual seasons ($150/season) or you can join for an entire year ($400/year).

How to register
To register, complete the registration form and return a copy along with the registration fee to one of the coaches.  The registration form is available via the following links in both
PDF and Word Doc formats.

Your registratration fee covers the following:
* Training
* Uniform Rental
* Meet Fees
   - excluding road races and USATF Regional and National meets
* Team Expenses         

Additional Costs not covered by the registration fee are:
* USATF online membership costs (club's number is 48-0375)
  - only needed if athlete does not have a current USATF membership
  - For more information on getting a USATF membership, 
    talk with one of the coaches.
* Athlete provide their own:
   - black running shorts
   - training shoes and/or xc flats or spike.
* Travel

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